Imagine your in your own fantasy world that you can influence items and push things with your hand and actually be there and see animals or scenery. You can be anywhere in the world. This is just the start.. This is absolutely incredible technology.. Can't wait for it to come out for purchase.. Donate to their cause at kickstarter. Follow their link..


Hey guys, It's Leran Dahari again. I'm going to be giving you all the steps when it comes to starting a brand new blog. Especially when your using this blog platform: Blog Beast.

So, Let's get right into it!

When you first get your brand new blog already designed for you and all the plugins are already installed. All you have to do is start writing and your on your way.

The first thing you would want to do is jot down every potential business/topic idea that you have now and any that come in the coming week on what to write about for your blog.

Keep this list with you. Whether its in your phone, notepad, piece of paper. Eventually what your going to do is narrow that idea smaller and smaller and smaller till you find the topic you may be writing about for weeks, months or years. Furthermore, Having the ability to surround that idea with a way to profit.

Also what comes to mind is your personal interest/passion vs Value that you can give to your readers. There's always tension between those two.

Is Loving What You Do Enough?

Skip the Video to **8 Minutes**

Stay Tuned for the Next Post about Expertise & Skill.





How To Make Money With A Blog



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